A Trial Lawyer Who Will Fight The Fight For You

An Experienced Litigation Firm

When you’re walking into the courtroom, you want to feel confident about your situation. You want to know that your attorney is going to not only represent you with your best interests in mind but also showcase to everyone that they fully understand the case inside and out. You want a strong litigator.

My name is Matthew Rosbrugh, and with over 20 years of experience, I have become an attorney best known for my skills in litigation. My firm, MBR Law, LLC, is not an office that you come to when you need transactional work, but rather when you want a strong lawyer to represent you in the courtroom.

I Will Fight For My Clients

Whether you are facing a major divorce or a high-stakes business law case, or you need money from an insurance company that won’t pay out, you can be certain that I am going to aggressively represent you in the courtroom. I have extensive litigation and appellate experience in South Carolina state and federal courts. If you have a fight, then I will be there to fight for you.

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Matthew Rosbrugh

When you have a case that you don’t want to settle, I am the attorney for you.

Ready To Go To Court?

If you have a case that you want to take to court, then don’t wait on it. Contact me today so we can start a litigation strategy immediately.

To learn more about how I can help, call my Columbia office today at 803-753-1432 or use my online contact form.