A Trial Lawyer Who Will Fight The Fight For You

An Experienced Business Law Attorney

As a former insurance defense lawyer, I’m very familiar with business law. I have years of experience helping businesses as both defendants and plaintiffs in the courtroom, and I utilize this experience when evaluating a case.

My name is Matthew Rosbrugh, and I have over 20 years of experience representing South Carolina litigants. Whether you are taking on a manufacturer or are in the middle of a contract dispute, I’ll be there to fight for you or simply provide the guidance you need as you prepare to enter the courtroom. Use my litigation skills at MBR Law, LLC, to your advantage.

Come To Me For Pre-Litigation Counseling

While I am best known for my skills as a litigator, many of my business clients like to come to me so that they can either prepare for the courtroom or potentially avoid it altogether. I utilize my experience to provide insights and counseling before these cases reach the courtroom.

In these counseling sessions, I can provide help identifying issues beforehand so that they can be addressed proactively. These sessions can help avoid expensive legal costs down the line.

Don’t Go To Court Without A Plan

You should always have a plan when you are involved in a legal dispute. Put your trust in a skilled litigation attorney like me, and let’s put a plan together.

To contact me, give my Columbia office a call at 803-753-1432 or use my online contact form.