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Your Go-To Divorce Litigation Attorney

Nobody wants to get divorced, but when it becomes clear that divorce is the best option forward, you shouldn’t settle for less than what you feel you deserve. That’s where I come in. I fight for my clients when they’re going through a divorce so they can feel comfortable working with MBR Law, LLC.

The process can be messy. There are a lot of moving parts throughout that can get confusing, but I’m here to keep everything in line for you. My name is Matthew Rosbrugh, and I’ve earned a reputation in South Carolina as a strong litigation attorney who knows how to get the results my clients need when they’re going through a messy or high-asset divorce.

I’ll Help You With Your Support Situation

One of the most contentious parts of the divorce process is support payments. Determinations for spousal support and child support can lead to a stalemate when no side can reach an agreement.

In a situation like this, you need a strong litigator who isn’t going to back down on what you need. A skilled lawyer will make sure that you are either receiving the payments you need or paying an amount that is fair in your divorce.

I Will Fight For Your Custody And Visitation

Reaching an agreement on custody and visitation for your child can be a frustrating process. The conversation around custody should always be with the child’s best interests in mind, but you have a right to be involved in your child’s life.

I will fight with your child’s interests in mind while also ensuring that you have fair custody and visitation with them. I will be there to help you and your family.

Litigate Your Divorce Now

You need an attorney who is going to fight for you during the divorce litigation process. As a skilled and experienced litigator myself, I can provide the insight needed to make a case for you in the courtroom.

If you want to take a divorce case to court, then contact MBR Law, LLC, today at 803-753-1432 or use my online contact form.